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Treatment Approach

I've successfully treated hundreds of children, adults, families and couples in a long, varied career. Issues have included loss and separation, disability, adjustment reaction to lifestyle change, health crises, relationship distress, domestic violence, trauma and abuse, family of origin dysfunction, loss of confidence, poor self-esteem, parenting problems, career exploration, and work-related stress.

Symptoms have included anxiety disorders, depression, eating disorders, phobias, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, substance abuse, back, neck and stomach trouble and sleep disorders.

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My specialty is solution-focused, short-term treatment. In the first session I summarize what you want and need, and together we develop a plan to achieve your goals. I usually provide "homework" after sessions, and we frequently review your progress. I offer astute assessment skills and practical tools for change.

Typically clients leave the first session with a new, more hopeful perspective on their capacity to move forward. I am well-versed in body-mind techniques that immediately relieve anxiety. My extensive training in "systems thinking" helps clients effectively navigate family and work relationships.

My style in session is engaging and interactive. I believe in the healing power of an authentic, caring "therapeutic alliance."

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